What we do
automation subscription


Simply put Robots-as-a-Service (or RaaS) is a subscription service for automation.
Our subscription service enables all-sized companies to access the power of automation.

With RaaS you have complete control - you choose what you want to automate, you agree on scope and price and we do the rest. We find the right opportunities to automate, design, build and test, deploy, monitor, and maintain your bot.

Benefits of RaaS Subscription

fast time to value

Fast time-to-value

  • typical build time <5 weeks
  • no set-up time
  • leverage our deep experience
  • resources available on demand
Fully supported automation

Fully supported

  • infrastructure included & hosted
  • proactive monitoring
  • on-going maintenance
  • updates as needed included
positive ROI on automation

+ ROI every time

  • positive return on every bot
  • no large upfront investment
  • no licenses needed
  • no internal team needed
OVERVIEW of process

What an engagement looks like



We create a process map of the steps, systems interacted, business rules and exceptions.



We leverage agile development to build your automation quickly and with a minimal effort from your team.



Each bot is tested with your team before going live to ensure it does what it should.



We put your bot into action, ensuring it delivers value as fast as possible.



We keep your bots running through proactive monitoring and maintance.


Simple subscription service

We charge a small up-front implementation fee, paired with a monthly subscription in order to run, maintain and update your bot. BLV Solutions does what others can't - our subscription model makes automation accessible for all-sized businesses.

Unlike traditional automation, you don't have to buy a suite of licenses you only partially use or have an expensive in-house team - instead leverage our expertise and have the flexibility to go as big or small as you want.

how to start

What is the time commitment from my team?

Not very much - our engagements are very light touch

ideation review

Generate ideas

We start by running ideation sessions with your team to identify the best opportunities. This generates a list of potential candidates to automate.  

Time: 30 - 60 min/session  

deep dive review

Deep dive sessions

Selected ideas then have a deep dive, which is an onscreen walkthrough of the process by your staff.

Time: 30 - 60 min/deep dive

proposal review

Proposal review

We present your proposal including: key metrics per process, ROI per process, process size, build complexity and expected bot run time.

Time: 30 min

start project engagement


We schedule times with your SME's to complete process reviews, get system access and agree on weekly stand up times.

Time: 2-3 hrs/bot process

Automate your business.
Focus on the important stuff, automate the rest
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