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Focus on the important stuff, automate the rest

Our mission is to improve your business through automation.

We want to make it a simple choice to start building your digital workforce. Automation is cheaper, faster, more accurate and instantly scalable. Focus your resources on growing your business and automate the rest.

who we are

Story of BLV Solutions

BLV Solutions was created when the founders recognized that traditional automation doesn't work: it is only really accessible to big companies, is cost prohibitive to start, difficult to maintain on-going and rarely has a positive ROI. By changing the business model, BLV Solutions makes automation accessible for all sized companies - our model is low cost, fully managed and supported and has no heavy infrastructure set up requirements.

Our subscription model makes automation accessible for smaller companies, and our on-going support ensures the bots consistently work. We offer complete end-to-end automation services – we design, build, monitor and maintain bots, removing unwanted tasks from your company and giving time back to you!

​BLV offers a robots-as-a-service subscription, making automation affordable and ensuring each automation has a positive ROI. This approach allows companies of any size to access the power of automation to reduce costs, save time, and enable your workforce to do more.

BLV are automation experts based in Australia but servicing global automation needs.

Have tasks to automate? Contact BLV Solutions - we'll automate it!

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about us

What we stand for

Vision statement


To make automation accessible for all-sized businesses.

mission statement


To improve businesses through automation.

our purpose


Improving processes to make an immediate positive impact.

Our values

Our Values

customer growth
Customer success is everything
We value service above everything else.  Always aim to exceed expectations.
lead with integrity
Lead with integrity
We always take the high road and treat people with respect.
make a positive impact
Make a positive impact
We regularly deliver amazing results for our clients.
be someone you'd like to work with
Be someone you'd like to work with
We spend a lot of time together - let's make it better by being our best self. Respect diversity and embrace our differences.
always be curious
Be curious
Take time to understand the 'why' and don't fear challenging the status quo.
embrace our differences
Embrace our differences
The best idea wins. Everyone has a voice, actively uses it to get the best outcome, is heard and valued.
Automate your business.
Focus on the important stuff, automate the rest
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