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Why automate?
Focus on growing your business,
automate the rest.

What we do

We provide subscription-based automation.
Our Robots-as-a-Service (or RaaS) subscription makes automation affordable for all-sized companies.

Our subscription includes everything - we help you identify the opportunities to automate, then design, build, test, deploy and monitor, and maintain your bot to keep it running smoothly.

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Why BLV Solutions?

Our mission is to improve your business through automation.

Our team has years of automation experience, have deployed hundreds of bots and know what it takes to make automation successful.

We want to make automation a simple choice - focus your resources on growing your business and let us automate the rest.

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What can bots do?

Data entry

Automated data entry from one system to another.

Send comms

Send an email, SMS or push notification.

Series of tasks

Replicate the actions of a person - let the bot do the boring work for you!

Connect systems

Use bots to connect platforms and sync & validate data.

Scrape data

Gather data across multiple sources into one repository.

Prefill Forms

Pre-fill applications, renewal forms or client lead information.


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Dec 27, 2021

Reflection on the need for automation vendor diversification in the wake of the Blue Prism take over announcement.

Automate your business.
Focus on the important stuff, automate the rest
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