Time-consuming tasks?Automate them away!

BLV Solutions automates repetitive tasks, letting you focus on the important stuff.
With our robots-as-a-service subscription, we
provide end-to-end automation. 
We do your boring work for you.

We deliver fast, typically in 4-6 weeks, and our subscription service makes automation affordable for businesses of any size. 

What is Robotic Process

Automation (RPA)?

  • RPA automates repetitive, mundane tasks

  • RPA is a bot (a robot) coded to perform a task or series of digial activities

  • RPA is a faster, more affordable way to integrate systems​

How does a bot work?


  • Our team develops the bot to perform a task or series of tasks for you

  • The bot works on a schedule or on demand

  • Once the bot performs the task, it sends a report, so you always know what the bot has done

What is automation good for?

  • Copying data between two or more systems

  • Analysing content from documents and emails

  • Keying or re-keying data into a system​

  • Automating a process from start to finish

  • Connecting unintegrated systems

  • Processing activities quickly​, 24/7

  • Eliminating errors

  • Improving compliance

  • Providing consistency in task completion

  • Creating time for your team

What tasks are best for automation?

Your tasks should be structured and repetitive.
Your tasks should be digitally based.
Your tasks have clearly defined steps.

Book a free consultation with our automation experts.

We are RPA experts

  • Building bots since 2016

  • Over 500 bots built

  • Experience across sectors

Why BLV?

Robots-as-a-Service model

  • Free consulation 

  • Delivery in 4-6 weeks

  • On-going support


  • Flat fee per automation

  • Transparent pricing

  • Bots from $1000 a month

Who is using RPA?

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Recruitment Firms

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Legal Firms

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Public Sector


Marketing & Advertising 

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Professional Services

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Higher Education

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How our process works


  • We offer free consultation – our experts work with you to discover tasks ideal for automation 

  • We calculate how much time and money each bot will save you 

  • We provide you with the cost for each process, and expected timeframe for delivery

​Develop & Deploy

  • Our team builds your bots

  • We work with you to test each bot's process 

  • Your bots go live and run on schedule or on demand 


  • Our team manages the bot through its life cycle  

  • This includes minor enhancements and updates

  • We provide reports so you can see the impact of your bots

About BLV Solutions

Our mission is to free your workforce through automation. BLV Solutions are an expert automation consultancy who offer complete end-to-end automation services – we design, build, launch and support bots, saving time and allowing your business to do more!

BLV offers low cost robots-as-a-service subscription-based process automation, so you only pay for the bots you want – no more paying for unused software licences. This approach allows companies of any size to access the power of automation to reduce costs, save time, improve controls and enable your workforce to focus on value-adding work.


BLV designs, develops, deploys and supports all bots on our cloud-based platform – we provide complete end-to-end service!

BLV are automation experts based in Sydney Australia but servicing global automation needs. Have tasks to automate? Contact BLV Solutions - we'll automate it!